Ascent Solar acquires Swiss thin film solar module manufacturer Flisom



Ascent Solar says its acquisition of Flisom will triple its production capacity.

Ascent Solar, a US maker of thin-film copper-indium-gallium-selenide (CIGS) solar modules, has agreed to buy Swiss thin-film rival Flisom for an undisclosed sum. Flisom currently has a 15 MW plant in Zurich, Switzerland.

Ascent Solar will remain in Thornton, Colorado, where it has a Research and Development Center and a 5 MW nameplate manufacturing facility. It will immediately begin production at its new roll-to-roll thin film production facilities in Zurich, Switzerland. Flisom’s contract triples Ascent Solar’s production capacity.

The company said the deal is a significant milestone in its turnaround plan, generating new committed contract revenue, increased production capacity and international foothold as governments in Europe and Asia pass legislation to increase solar production and domestic production capacity. The Flisom deal is also expected to bring Ascent a new source of revenue in the luxury goods and building integrated solar PV (BIPV) markets.

The Swiss factory’s modern equipment supports Ascent’s focus on operational efficiency and optimization.

“Since joining in September 2022, my company’s top priority has been executing an aggressive turnaround plan and returning Ascent to the leading supplier of high-performance, flexible thin-film solar modules in situations where traditional rigid panels won’t work,” said Jeffrey Max, CEO of Ascent. “We are seeing a global push to increase solar power and have identified an unmet demand for alternatives to traditional rigid panels that can be used in scenarios where land, shape or weight limitations exist, particularly in Europe and Asia.”

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