A German startup presents movable, tiltable PV modules



Sinn Power offers new tiltable solar panels for vertical solar power systems for nature reserves and water protection areas. They are not anchored to the ground and use a pendulum weight to return to their correct positions when hit by strong winds.

Sinn Power, a German startup specializing in floating solar power, has presented its new SKipp mobile, tiltable solar power solution.

The new product does not need to be anchored to the ground, so it is particularly suitable for use in nature reserves and water conservation areas, where ground anchoring or staking is not allowed.

According to Sinn Power, its solar modules stay upright even in strong winds. The modules can be tilted and have a pendulum weight to return to their vertical position even in windy conditions.

“Falling can be ruled out even without anchoring the modules to the ground,” the manufacturer stated.

Systems using this product can use bifacial solar modules oriented vertically in an east-west direction. This increases power, especially in the morning and evening hours, compared to traditional south-facing solar power systems. The system also produces more solar energy in winter, like other vertical solar installations installed at high latitudes.

“With the help of SKipp, we have redesigned open ground-mounted and agricultural electricity systems,” explains Philipp Sinn, founder and CEO of the German company. “This solar power solution meets the highest technical requirements and at the same time offers our customers maximum flexibility and optimal electricity production in terms of location and operating time.”

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