SMA Solar starts work on a 20 GW inverter factory in Germany



SMA says its inverter capacity will double to 40 GW when its new plant in Niestetal, Germany is fully operational.

SMA Solar Technology AG has started construction of a 20 GW inverter factory at its headquarters in Niestetal, Hesse, Germany. The new production facility will be completed by the end of 2024, when the company’s annual capacity will rise to 40 GW.

“In the background of global climate change, the whole world is placing its hopes on renewable energy,” said SMA CEO J├╝rgen Reinert. “But to realize this huge potential, solar electricity needs to be intelligently connected to storage systems, e-mobility and other fields and integrated into the overall system.”

He said that the German inverter manufacturer will produce system solutions for large solar power plants within two years in Niestetal.

“And shipping them around the world,” Reinert said. “In this way, we make an essential contribution here in this region to the sustainable energy supply of the future.”

Reinert recently said that SMA Solar is also considering investing in a US plant, although no decision has yet been made. However, subsidies under the US inflation control law currently make it attractive to open production facilities to the US market, as SMA also has a large market share in solar power plants abroad.

“Delivering these from Hessen would mean a price disadvantage of about 20 percent,” Reinert said.

In the future, SMA Solar plans to manufacture systems mainly for the large utility segment.

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