Plug-and-play PV system for garden fences



The German supplier of solar power products, Green Akku, says that its new solar power system can be attached vertically to fences. It is said to produce more solar energy even in winter.

Green Akku, a German supplier of balcony solar modules, now offers ZaunPV (fencePV), a plug-in PV system that can be easily installed on garden fences.

The company supplies a complete kit with selected solar modules, inverters and special brackets for a retail price of €416.81 ($456.3) plus shipping. End customers are subject to a zero tax rate for residential electricity, while distributors must pay the normal 19 percent value added tax according to Green Akku.

The PV system can be attached vertically to fences. It produces more solar electricity, even when there is little sun and in winter. With manual skill, the plug-and-play system can also be installed on other types of fences. The inverters can then be connected directly to the home network via a safety plug.

Green Akku says that “ZaunPV” systems are designed to be installed on top of garden fences without permits. In addition, it provides all the materials needed to install the systems on fences.

Green Akku recommends attaching the modules to south or east-west facing fences. Solar energy is mainly produced in the morning and evening, when it can also be used directly in homes. In the southern direction, photovoltaic systems produce large amounts of solar energy, especially in the middle of the day.

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