Mitani Sangyo presents a solar carport for bifacial panels



Japanese industrial company Mitani Sangyo says that its new PV carport design is particularly suitable for snowy areas, as it offers 150 cm of snow load resistance.

The two-car carport is designed for solar panels with a total output of 6.1 kW. Mitani Sangyo says it is especially suitable for snowy areas the aluminum structure has a snow load resistance of 150 cm and a wind pressure of 46 meters per second.

Sankyo aluminum said he had developed an aluminum carport structure by utilizing the technical capabilities it has developed in the construction of conventional carports. It said the structure is based on high-quality, high-strength aluminum, but gave no further technical details.

Mitani Sangyo also operates in the solar energy sector, selling residential and commercial solar power systems and batteries. Its energy division also offers gas products, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), fuel cells for home use and wind power systems.

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