Mibet presents a new balcony solar attachment structure



The Chinese company Mibet has developed an installation system for solar modules that are installed on balcony railings, terraces, gardens and garage roofs. It offers a maximum nominal angle of 30 degrees and withstands a wind load of 30 meters per second.

“The fastening system can be installed directly on the balcony or wall without taking up extra space or damaging the building structure,” said a Mibet spokesperson. pv magazine. “The mount is suitable for the most important solar modules on the market, and only one or two people are needed for installation.”

The structure is made of aluminum with an anodized surface. Made of stainless steel, the bracket is hot-dipped galvanized, which gives it excellent anti-corrosion and anti-aging properties. It is available in natural silver or other customizable colors.

The installation system is attached to the balcony railings with curved hooks and can be adapted to different balconies. It can also be installed on a balcony or terrace wall with expansion bolts, on a concrete garage roof or flat roof with cement ballast.

It allows for a PV panel header angle of 10 degrees to 30 degrees. It can withstand a wind load of up to 30 meters and a snow load of up to 1.0 KN/m2. The installation system has a 10-year warranty and a TUV certificate.

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