CIGS Thin-Film manufacturer Ascent Solar buys Flisom’s production line



Ascent Solar Technologies Inc., a developer of CIGS thin-film solar solutions, has completed a transaction to acquire the Zurich-based production facility of thin-film solar power manufacturer Flisom AG.

Ascent says it will continue to be headquartered in Thornton, Colo., and will begin manufacturing immediately using its new 15 MW roll-to-roll thin-film production equipment in Zurich. Ascent will service the production of Flisom’s remaining contracts with the acquired assets, as well as continue and expand customer contracts.

The deal is expected to immediately bring production capacity to Ascent to create new revenue streams for the property-integrated solar market. The acquired equipment is capable of producing roll after roll of thin film with a maximum width of one meter and a length of one kilometer.

“We see global pressure to increase solar energy production, and we’ve seen an unmet demand for traditional rigid panels that can be used in situations where land, shape or weight restrictions exist,” says Jeffrey Max, CEO of Nousu.

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