Turkey grants temporary permits for 744 MW of storage-connected wind and solar energy



Turkey has approved the first batch of renewable energy and storage projects since it enacted new storage rules in November.

These are the first approvals since the energy storage regulation was announced in November,” Eren Engur, a member of the board of the Turkish PV Association Günder, said pv magazine. “The combined capacity of the approved projects is 744 MW.

Since the entry into force of the new rules, 37 GW of renewable energy projects related to storage have been submitted to EMRA. The rules allow storage facilities to operate together with unlicensed power plants. Such facilities are also allowed to increase their wind or solar capacity up to the installed capacity of the storage facility.

Engur said the country has a potential of 16 GWh in the residential segment, 21 GWh in commercial and industrial and more than 25 GWh in power generation. He also said the new rules will support Turkey’s solar market, which is growing by at least 1 GW per year.

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