Bangladesh buys electricity from 64 MW of solar power at $0.107/kWh



The Bangladesh Power Development Board (BPDB) has agreed to purchase electricity through a 20-year power purchase agreement (PPA) from two solar power plants with capacities of 20 MW and 44 MW.

Joules Power, the country’s first utility-scale solar power producer, is setting up one of two 20 MW capacity plants in the Mymensingh area. BPDB will purchase electricity at $0.1069/kWh under a 20-year PPA. BPDB will spend $69.36 million to purchase power from the plant, said MP Sayeed Mahbub Khan.

The second facility is a 44 MW solar power project being developed by China’s Jiangsu Etern, Liz Fashion Industry and Fuad Spinning Mills. It sells power to BPDB under a 20-year PPA at $0.107/kWh. BPDP consumes $152.64 million to purchase electricity from the facility.

Bangladesh currently produces 966.63 MW of electricity from renewable energy sources and 732.64 MW from solar energy. The country aims to produce 40 percent of its total energy needs from green sources.

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