Trina Tracker releases the next generation Vanguard 2P Tracker Platform



Trina Solar’s tracking solution provider TrinaTracker has launched the second generation of the Vanguard 2P tracker, which is equipped with a new multi-motor control system.

The 2P configuration and fewer pile design features help reduce BOS costs, especially in heavy soils and scenarios with higher pile requirements. The Vanguard 2P (single-axis two-in-portrait tracker) has been TrinaTracker’s flagship product since its initial release in 2021. Its patented spherical bearing prevents misalignment and minimizes friction, reducing installation time and costs, the company says.

The second generation of the Vanguard 2P uses a multi-motor control system to replace the original mechanical method. In the new operating system, the main controller sends commands and the secondary controller receives commands to control the motors. Self-developed intelligent mechanism allows synchronization of several motors to avoid possible structural damage. The updated Vanguard 2P also improves the design’s compatibility with larger modules up to 695W.

“Over the last few years, we have seen more projects in locations with sloping terrain, desert and near the coast. This requires solar components to meet stricter quality standards and include more innovative developments to perform in those harsh scenarios,” explains Trina Solar’s Andrew Gilhooly. “The second generation Vanguard 2P aims to successfully solve such challenges.”

TrinaTracker has 19 years of experience in developing and manufacturing solar tracking devices.

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