Scotland deploys first floating solar power system



Nova Innovation, a leading company in tidal energy technology, says it will install Scotland’s first floating solar demonstrator later this year. The company is currently developing an international pipeline of several megawatts.

“These panels provide a fascinating insight into the potential of Scotland’s future energy system and are the first step towards our significant potential in floating solar energy,” said Scotland’s First Minister Humza Yousaf as she toured Edinburgh’s port area in Leith. .

Nova Innovation installed the world’s first offshore tidal turbine system in Shetland in 2016 and later received £6.4 million ($8 million) from the Scottish National Investment Bank in 2021 to expand production of the innovative renewable energy generators. Since then, it has established Project sites in Canada, France and Indonesia.

“The National Investment Bank of Scotland’s investment in Nova Innovation helped expand its manufacturing base here in Leith and was strongly aligned with the Scottish Government’s priority of supporting innovative technology that will help us achieve zero carbon emissions by 2045,” said Yousaf. “Scotland is already one of Europe’s most advanced centers for testing and demonstrating marine energy technology and I look forward to seeing where the panels will be launched in the near future.”

Simon Forrest, chief executive of Nova Innovation, said record high energy prices and growing concerns about security of supply made it imperative for Scotland to focus on domestic energy from its abundant natural resources.

“Scotland is at the heart of the tidal energy revolution and Nova continues to lead the industry with proven technology and unrivaled reliability,” said Forrest. “With the addition of floating solar to our portfolio, we are ideally positioned to help drive the competition to net zero.”

Nova Innovation says the official launch of the floating solar installation will take place later this year. It claims it already has a multi-megawatt international pipeline.

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