Chinese solar module manufacturers announced new plans for TOPCon



DAH Solar says it wants to reach 5.5 GW of TOPCon solar module capacity by the end of this year. Ronma Solar, meanwhile, says it wants to build an 18GW panel factory in Jinhua, China’s Zhejiang province.

It started manufacturing TOPCon cells at the plant earlier this month. It says it will start module production in May.

DAH Solar says its decision to focus on TOPCon was due to high international demand. It says it uses TOPCon cells in its full-screen PV module with a bezel-less front.

Chinese module maker Ronma Solar says it plans to build a TOPCon solar cell and module factory in a separate development project in Jinhua, China’s Zhejiang province. It says it wants to invest 7.5 billion yuan ($1.09 billion) in the new facility.

According to the manufacturer, the factory has 10 GW cell capacity and 18 GW module capacity. It has not provided further details.

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