Toshiba combines heat pumps, roof electricity, storage in a residential home



Japan’s Toshiba has shared the results of a “future-proof” housing project in the UK. It combined two 11 kW air-source heat pumps in a five-bedroom house in Chester, England, with a 16 kW solar system and an 11 kW battery. The property is said to be energy neutral during the summer months.

The future-proof installation has been in operation since December. It has two 11 kW Toshiba ESTIA air-to-water heat pumps for space heating, hot water and cooling in the summer months. Heat pumps use R32 as refrigerant, and their coefficient of performance (COP) is up to 4.88.

One of the ESTIA systems serves approximately 90 square meters of floor heating in the open kitchen and dining area, and the other provides hot water. It also heats the upstairs radiators and towel dryer from the 300 liter water tank. ESTIA indoor units have a 3 kW backup heater that ensures operation at low ambient temperatures. Toshiba said that the system delivers hot water at 62 C when the outside temperature drops to -25 C.

The heat pumps are powered by an undisclosed manufacturer’s 16 kW roof electricity system. Excess energy is stored in the 11 kW battery energy storage system. Homeowner and renewable energy consultant David Meseck said the property is now “energy neutral” during the summer months, with the energy generated and stored offsetting electricity consumed from the grid.

“The whole system has been up and running since December of last year and the way it has transformed the house is fantastic,” said Meseck. “It was important to get everything right; the project was sized correctly and the equipment was installed correctly. Among other measures, we now have an efficient, all-electric heating system, which has the added benefit of cooling in the summer and annual maintenance costs are comparable to a boiler cover. The changes bring added value to the property, not only by helping the future sustainability of our home and reducing energy costs.”

The system was installed by Mansfield-based Woburn Mechanical Services.

“This is by far the biggest domestic project we’ve done,” said installer Peter Franks. “The customer knew exactly what he wanted and now has a comprehensive heating and cooling system. Toshiba devices are excellent in terms of performance and reliability and come with a seven-year warranty. We wouldn’t fit into it if we didn’t have complete confidence in it.”

PV installation on the roof

Photo: Toshiba

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