Hydrogen Stream: US team produces hydrogen from ocean water



A group of US researchers designed a double membrane system to minimize chloride oxidizing the anode. Meanwhile, the Spanish government is supporting Destinus to develop and test a hydrogen-powered supersonic aircraft in 2024.

The Spanish government awarded a Swiss startup company Destiny grants for two projects totaling 26.7 million euros ($28.94 million). The EUR 12 million grant will be used to demonstrate hydrogen-powered flights in cooperation with the Spanish engine manufacturer ITPAero. In addition, the Spanish Energy Diversification Institute selected Destinus for a new 14.7 million euro project that demonstrates the possibility of supersonic flight of hydrogen. “We are currently testing a gaseous hydrogen afterburner (afterburner) while developing other engine technologies using cryogenic fuels such as liquid hydrogen,” Destinus said. “These technologies will undergo extensive ground testing over the next year and will be integrated into our next supersonic prototype, Destinus-3, in 2024.”

Brooge Energy announced that the technical concept study for its green hydrogen and ammonia plant in Abu Dhabi by thyssenkrupp Uhde has been completed. The Cayman Islands-based company planned to develop the UAE plant in two phases, with a total production capacity of 1,950 tons of green ammonia per day. The plant, which uses green hydrogen obtained from solar energy for export purposes, is based on thyssenkrupp nucera alkaline water electrolysis and thyssenkrupp Uhde ammonia synthesis technologies. “This analysis examined multiple scenarios to identify optimal plant designs, as well as various supporting documentation that addresses technical and implementation concepts in a fully integrated approach,” the company says. said.

The United Kingdom and South Korea have agreed to intensify their cooperation in the field of renewable energy and nuclear energy. Energy Minister Lee Chang-yang said that “Korea has technological capability in hydrogen applications, having harnessed it to deliver premium hydrogen cars” and that “the UK maintains a leading technological capability in solid polymer electrolysis (SPE) and hydrogen production.”

A hamburger and Schleswig-Holstein have agreed to strengthen their hydrogen cooperation. “We focus on the northern future” said Daniel Günther, Prime Minister of Schleswig-Holstein. Together, the states are pushing for the interests of northern Germany at the federal level and demanding the government to connect Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein to the HyPerLink III European hydrogen pipeline network developed by Gasunie at an early stage.

Barclay Pearce Capital has announced a joint engagement with The Ince Group to raise pre-IPO capital for the hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicle leader H2X Global Limited. The agreement confirms H2X’s plans to list on the London Stock Exchange within the next 12 months.

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