Tesla is building a new battery factory in China



Tesla has revealed plans to build a new Megapack battery factory in Shanghai, according to Xinhua News Agency.

Tesla’s Megapack wizards are known for their ability to store more than 3 MWh of electricity per unit in high-density, utility energy storage. Batteries can be integrated and installed with battery packs, inverters and temperature control systems to stabilize the grid. The batteries are designed to be compatible with separate inverters. Megapack batteries can also be updated in real-time using over-the-air (OTA) software for continuous optimization.

Tesla says the Megapack plant is its first major warehouse project outside the United States. Zhuang Mudi, Deputy Secretary of the Shanghai Municipal Government, said that the Tesla Megapack factory project will play a crucial role in promoting the development of Shanghai’s energy storage industry.

In January 2019, Tesla started construction of the Shanghai gigafactory and completed it in a year. The Shanghai Gigafactory delivered more than 710,000 electric cars in 2022. Since 2019, Tesla has continued to invest in Shanghai, partly by increasing the production capacity of the Shanghai Gigafactory.

Reuters has reported that CEO Elon Musk plans to visit China in April.

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