Solar power exceeds 28 GW in Brazil, including 20 GW of distributed generation solar power



Brazilian developers have already installed at least 2.1 GW of distributed generation solar power and more than 1.3 GW of centralized solar power this year. At this average daily rate of 21.1 MW, installers could build 7.71 GW of distributed generation solar power in 2023.

In just 100 days, Brazil installed 3.46 GW of solar capacity, bringing the total national capacity to 28.1 GW. Of that, approximately 8,391 MW comes from large plants of more than 5 MW, and 19,727 MW from small solar parks of less than 5 MW, in addition to all rooftop systems.

Since the beginning of this year, developers have commissioned 2,111 MW of distributed generation systems and 1,351 MW of centralized capacity. At the end of 2022, Brazil had 7,040 MW of centralized solar capacity and 17,616 MW of distributed capacity connected to the grid.

At the beginning of this year, the Solar Association of Brazil (Absolar) predicted 10.1 GW of new solar capacity for 2023. If installations continue at the rate seen in the first 100 days of the year, averaging 21.1 MW per day, new distributed generation capacity will reach 7,705 MW in 2023.

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