Solar Developer acquires 1.5 GW of Huasun HJT modules



Anhui Huasun Energy Co. Ltd. has signed a cooperation agreement with the European EPC company INERCOM Ltd. for the supply of at least 1.5 GW of Himalaya series high-efficiency HJT modules by the end of 2025.

Huasun first worked with INERCOM in 2021, supplying 86 MW of HJT solar modules to its solar project in southern Bulgaria. According to the delivery plan, Huasun will deliver more than 500 MW of modules to INERCOM by the end of 2023.

“We choose Huasun as the exclusive supplier of HJT modules because they have given an excellent guarantee of product quality, technical performance and delivery capability,” says Malina Varbakova, INERCOM’s directors. “We are very happy to build a long relationship with Huasun, and we hope that we can both continue to strengthen connections, support each other and enter the international market together.”

“INERCOM has been strongly involved in the Bulgarian market for decades and has participated in the development and construction of solar power projects in many regions,” adds Dan Zhou, CEO of Huasun. “It is the first company to use HJT modules on a large scale at an early stage in Europe, which shows that HJT has very broad prospects and significant value in Europe.”

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