RevoluSun Massachusetts is changing its name to Solaris Renewables



RevoluSun Massachusetts, a provider of solar solutions and installations, has changed its name from RevoluSun Massachusetts to Solaris Renewables, effective immediately.

The decision to change the name of the company is made after careful consideration and the end of the cooperation with its former parent company, RevoluSun Smart Home. Although the company changes its name, the operation and the team remain unchanged.

“We are pleased to announce this name change and are excited about the future of our company,” said Matt Powers, CEO of Solaris Renewables. “With the cost of energy rising, we are grateful that we can continue to help people reduce their electricity consumption.”

Both new and existing customers will receive the same service and quality products they have come to expect from RevoluSun over the past decade. The company’s website, email and social media handles will also be updated to reflect the new name.

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