East Coast Utility submits an RFP for new solar power generation



Dominion Energy Virginia has released a request for proposals for procurement of new solar, onshore wind and energy storage projects in Virginia.

The acquisition of the projects will support the future energy needs of Virginia customers in the company’s latest Integrated resource plan. The projects will also help the company meet the requirements of the Virginia Clean Economy Act and its commitment to zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.

Proposals are accepted continuously throughout the year. The company is interested in proposals for new solar power nameplate capacity and a new generation of solar power that is located together with energy storage capacity.

For solar energy proposals, the company is looking for both electricity-scale projects over 3 MW and decentralized projects with a maximum power of 3 MW. For all proposals, the company will only consider facilities located in Virginia.

In decentralized projects of up to 3 MW, the premises must be located in the power plant’s service area, where customers have the advantages of a location network.

The company also encourages leaving solar and onshore wind projects on previously developed sites, such as former landfills or industrial use.

Dominion Energy Virginia will host an informational webinar for interested bidders at 1:00 PM EST on May 4th. Potential bidders can register for the webinar at the company’s address website.

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