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Enteligent, a specialist in solar solutions for residential buildings, has launched an optimization model that can be combined with two solar panels. It claims to have quick shutdown and monitoring capabilities.

California-based Enteligent has introduced a new quick shut-off device (RSD) with module-level power optimizers and a production control system.

The Smart NMax quick shutdown with optimization device can be attached to one panel or it can be connected to two panels. A paired unit can support up to 900 W maximum power. It has a transmission efficiency of 99.8% in full sunlight and a maximum power consumption of 1.8 W.

Power optimizers are designed to overcome the inherent limitations of PV installations. In traditional threaded solar panels, an entire set of panels can only produce as much as the weakest link in the string. This means that shading, soiling or panel defects can significantly reduce electricity production. Power optimizers avoid this problem, allowing each individual panel to reach its maximum output without being affected by others in the array.

The RSD/optimizer dynamically switches into and out of optimization mode as needed, resulting in an average of 10% higher electricity consumption than a typical rooftop solar installation, the company said.

The NMax model also features module-level monitoring to report solar energy production statistics. Monitoring allows installers to ensure panels are working properly, helps service providers diagnose and troubleshoot problems with modules, and helps homeowners monitor performance.

The model monitors information such as voltage and current inputs and outputs, state errors, internal temperatures, and performance states such as feedthrough and optimization. Fast shutdown provides real-time response control.

Enteligent claims the new product offers a competitive alternative to the long-held power optimization space market leaders.

“Currently, more than 80% of rooftop solar installations in North America benefit from power optimization and panel-level control, but this solution is only available from two leading solution providers that form a market duopoly,” said Sean Burke, CEO of Enteligent. .“It also brings options to the solar installer community looking to offer new offerings to differentiate themselves from large regional and national retailers.”

The product can be ordered from the company’s website and its retail price is $65 or $70 per unit before taxes. Enteligent NMax RSD and optimization complies with NEC 2017 and 2020 and UL 1741 standards. It has a NEMA Type 6P enclosure and is SunSpec RSD certified. The company says it will be available in the third quarter and will be sold through major industry distributors such as Power Store and ABC Supply.

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