JA Solar expands Mexico’s solar market with Exel Solar



JA Solarmanufacturer of solar power products, signed a cooperation agreement with a Mexican distributor Exel Solar and agreed to establish a long-term partnership to distribute its products in Mexico.

Both parties will work together to provide customers with high-efficiency modules and quality services while promoting the sustainable development of the Mexican solar market.

Since entering the Mexican market in 2016, JA Solar has established a fruitful cooperative relationship with local solar module distributor Exel Solar, allowing both parties to jointly promote the application and development of solar technologies in the market.

In recent years, both parties have entered into distribution cooperation agreements in order to continuously increase JA Solar’s module deliveries in the local market.

Distributors play an important role in JA Solar’s global sales ecosystem. Exel Solar has more than 10 years of experience in the Mexican solar market and has supported the promotion of JA Solar’s products in Mexico.

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