Austria launches $16 million rebate scheme for housing stock



Austria’s new incentive program supports the introduction of household batteries with a storage capacity of 4-50 kWh.

Austria has launched a new support system for household batteries. The Ministry of Climate and Energy will grant a total of 15 million euros ($16.1 million) to support the installation of new storage systems and the expansion of existing systems for use with renewable energy.

Devices with a storage capacity of 4–50 kWh are supported. The fixed subsidy is €200/kWh for the available storage capacity.

Those concerned must first register for the program on the website of the Austrian Climate and Energy Fund and then apply for a building permit. Battery storage systems may not be ordered or installed before registration. Participants have 24 months to implement their project.

The program states that the systems must be installed entirely by authorized installers and that the available storage capacity must be at least 0.5 kWh per unit of renewable energy installed. Battery storage systems must be in use for at least 10 years.

“In Austria, we already have technically mature storage solutions that can be implemented on a large scale,” said Bernd Vogl, CEO of the Climate and Energy Fund. “With the funding, we will manage to integrate these technologies into the system and improve the supply of electricity in those areas where networks are not sufficiently developed or where renewable electricity is produced significantly more than it is used.”

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