DAH Solar presents a series of solar panels for balconies and roofs



China’s DAH Solar has developed a turnkey solar power system with plug connection for residential use. The maximum size of the kit can be 2279 mm × 1134 mm × 32 mm and it weighs up to 59.8 kg.

“The SolarUnit is like a solar module with an AC output, ready to be connected to the power grid,” said a company spokesperson. pv magazine. – The bus consists of the trunk cable supplied by DAH Solar. The trunk cable has separate tap connectors that enable the serial connection and electrical paralleling of several solar units.”

The system can be used with up to six special panels manufactured by DAH Solar itself. “Full-Screen PV modules” are available in 460W and 550W power and up to 21.3% power conversion efficiency. They have 3.2 mm anti-reflective glass and IP68 housing a temperature coefficient -0.35% per degree Celsius. The operating temperature of the panels ranges from -40 C to 85 C.

It also uses microinverters with up to 97.2% efficiency and maximum power point tracking (MPPT) of 99.95%. The device measures 412 mm × 97 mm × 42.5 mm and weight 1.8 kW. Sets can reach a maximum size 2279 mm × 1134 mm × 32 mm and a maximum weight of 59.8 kg.

“The full screen PV module and microinverter will be integrated when they leave the factory,” the spokesperson said. “SolarUnit could achieve great flexibility for projects, as it allows PV modules to be installed in different directions and at different angles of inclination, following the plans of the roofs.”

DAH Solar also provides an Energy Communication Unit (ECU) with the system. It communicates with the microinverters through a Power Line Communication (PLC) system. It uses the power cord itself to exchange data.

“The ECU unit allows for remote monitoring of the PV system, in addition to being able to remotely shut down the PV system via your electronic devices such as smartphones and computers,” the spokesperson said.

DAH Solar is located in Hefei, Anhui Province, China. It currently has a 2 GW solar panel factory.

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