Redflow to work with Ameresco on solar plus storage solution



Australian battery maker Redflow has signed a deal to supply its “non-lithium” energy storage technology to clean energy outfit Ameresco, which plans to develop integrated solar and zinc-bromine flow battery solutions for its customer base across North America and Europe. .

Redox-flow battery specialist Redflow has announced a strategic partnership to supply US-headquartered renewable energy asset developer Ameresco with battery energy storage technology for use in commercial and industrial (C&I) environments.

Ameresco, which specializes in designing renewable energy solutions for C&I customers, said it plans to deploy Redflow’s zinc-bromine flow batteries as part of a “flexible and modular” integrated solar and storage solution to meet the market’s growing need for mid-size and long-duration systems.

Ameresco CFO Doran Hole said that the partnership with Redflow is in line with the company’s efforts to find the best solutions for our customers in terms of both project planning and technology suitability… The demand for long-term energy storage is a critical and rapidly growing market opportunity. which can unlock our customers’ ability to cost-effectively cover a growing amount of their energy needs through renewable sources.”

Brisbane-based Redflow said it is already working with Ameresco to deploy a commercial demonstration system, which includes one of the company’s 40kWh quad-battery pods, at one of Ameresco’s existing customer sites.

Redflow President and CEO Tim Harris said the four-battery case is a compact, scalable energy storage solution for smaller C&I customers and allows Ameresco to look beyond traditional lithium technologies.

Harris said the integrated system provides a fire-safe, durable and sustainable solution that is economically competitive with lithium-ion and offers operational advantages in a wide range of environments and operating conditions.

“Our zinc-bromine flow battery provides a non-lithium solution that is fire safe, has an innovative sleep mode feature and is suitable for a wide range of environments and use cases,” he said.

Ameresco and Redflow also said they plan to build on Redflow’s existing enclosure system to provide a power-scale solution that scales to hundreds of MWh.

Harris said he expects the partnership with Ameresco, which comes just months after Redflow signed a deal with U.S. renewable energy developer Empower Energies, will pave the way for greater expansion in the North American market.

“We hope that our collaboration with Ameresco will open up exciting new opportunities for our business and, over time, new markets worldwide,” he said.

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