A French startup presents an aluminum solar facade



C2F has developed a building integrated PV (BIPV) facade made of aluminum which is claimed to limit the impact of hot and cold weather while improving the performance of solar modules.

C2F, French composite aluminum facade supplier, unveiled the solar facade at the recent BePositive trade show in Lyon, France. Its Ultracade solution can be integrated with solar panels from any manufacturer Up to 1.98 meters.

“Ultimately, because our solution is completely modular, the only limit is your imagination,” C2F CEO Jean-Charles Battut said. pv-lehti France.

The metallic aluminum cladding of the facade can be attached directly to new or existing buildings. The company says the facade limits the effect of hot and cold weather and improves the energy coefficient by about 30%. C2F claims that the natural ventilation behind the solar panels lowers the temperature on the back side.

“We are finishing the installation of our first project in Clermont-Ferrand on the facade of a construction machinery rental company,” said Battut. BIPV solutions are also a communication vector for companies.

C2F cooperates with solar panel manufacturer Soluxtech, which has specially developed a module for Ultra├žade. It also offers two plug and play panels for residential use.

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