Systovi presents very light solar panels



French module manufacturer Systovi says its new solar panels weigh just 3 kg/m2. They are designed for flat tertiary roofs that cannot support the weight of framed solar panels. It will start selling new modules in 2024.

Systovi recently introduced a new prototype of ultra-light solar modules weighing only 3 kg/m2.

“With the attachment structure, the total weight becomes 4 kg/m2,” said Matthieu del Rizzo, spokesperson for Systov. pv-lehti France.

The French solar power manufacturer says the panels can only be installed by authorized installers. The prototype measures 1.80 m2 and has a power of 330 W. It has M6 cells encapsulated in fiberglass.

Systovi says it will start selling new panels in 2024. The company’s marketing project manager Baptiste Duclos said it will switch to M10 cells from 2025.

Systovi opened a new assembly line in March near Nantes, France. It invested 1.5 million euros ($1.59 million) to double its generation capacity from 40 MW to 80 MW. The company hopes that the investments will help move the solar electricity supply chain to France.

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