Summit Ridge Award installation contracts to Babcock & Wilcox Solar Energy



Babcock & Wilcox Enterprises Inc. says its subsidiary Babcock & Wilcox Solar Energy Inc. has been awarded contracts totaling more than $15 million Summit Ridge Energy LLC (SRE), a commercial solar energy company in the United States that designs, acquires and builds five community solar facilities in Illinois.

B&W also handles subcontractors, site coordination and supervision, and electrical connections to the network. The projects, with a total power of approximately 15 MW, are planned to be completed in 2023.

This is the second contract awarded by SRE to B&W. In August 2022, B&W received contracts totaling more than $20 million for the construction of seven solar farms.

“The market for community solar projects in the U.S. is growing significantly due to high demand for affordable, clean energy and state and federal incentives for renewable energy, including solar,” said Joe Buckler, B&W’s director of clean energy. energy. “In particular, the recently signed US Anti-Inflation Act includes provisions for all types of solar projects, including community solar, which are increasing interest in the development.”

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