Sirea publishes storage systems for PV applications



The French company Sirea has developed a new range of smart plug-in systems for solar electricity storage. The batteries can supply power from 20 kW (AC) to 500 kW depending on the model, with a storage capacity of 100 kWh to 1 MWh.

Sirea has announced a new series of batteries for applications with rooftop solar panels. The storage capacity of the systems varies from 100 kWh to 1 MWh and they can produce 20 kW (AC) to 500 kW of power depending on the model.

The The energy company based in the French department of RĂ©union says that the programmable storage systems (PSS) are calibrated for medium-sized own consumption projects. They can also be used as tools for optimizing the charging of electric vehicles, reducing the load on the network, or cutting power.

“Our system is particularly suitable for industrial sites, supermarkets or hotels,” said Bruno Bouteille, director of Sirea.

Sirea says that the systems have temperature control devices, fire detection sensors and an alarm delay system. In addition, the so-called the protection form enables systems to be installed outside buildings.

The new products have control and monitoring systems to regulate temperature fluctuations, charge/discharge cycles and battery status.

“Now that battery adoption is becoming more popular, PSS enclosures stand out in their ability to manage storage according to customer demand and requirements,” said David Grand, Sirea’s Communications Manager.

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