Hydrogen Stream: Zimbabwe is developing the first utility plant



HDF and ZETDC have signed Zimbabwe’s first utility-scale green hydrogen power plant, which is expected to produce 178 GWh of electricity annually. Rystad Energy, on the other hand, says that the total capacity of the African electrolysis pipeline has reached 114 GW.

Rystad Energy states that Africa’s total announced electrolysis pipeline capacity has reached 114 GW, of which 61% is in sub-Saharan Africa. It said the continent has a reported electrolyser pipeline of about 70 GW, with Mauritania accounting for 50 percent of the total, followed by South Africa and Namibia. According to the Norwegian research company, only 13 MW of the planned 114 GW have so far made a final investment decision. “Sub-Saharan Africa has a very strategic position in developing a successful green hydrogen economy, as South Africa holds approximately 90 percent of the world’s platinum group metal reserves, which is critical for the production of polymer electrolyte membrane (PEM) electrolyzers,” it said.

Teco 2030 has signed an agreement with an undisclosed party for cooperation up to 50 MW of fuel cell projects. “The projects represent marine fuel cells and land-based stationary fuel cell systems at the megawatt scale,” said Norwegian company. “The agreement outlines a three-year cooperation commitment for the successful implementation of the project’s goals.”

AFC energy has launched a new ammonia cracking platform focused on the European and Asian markets. “The modular structure and inexpensive system architecture of the ammonia cracker make the cracking unit easily scalable from small hydrogen production to several million tons per year.” said A London-based company. It added that it is in discussions with ship owners, European utilities, OEMs and industrial-scale hydrogen users.

Air liquid is announced construction of an industrial-scale ammonia (NH3) cracking pilot plant in the port of Antwerp, Belgium. The authorities have confirmed financial support for the pilot plant, which will be commissioned by 2024.

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