CHINT wins bid for Brazil Vista Alegre PV Station



Recently, CHINT Astronergy won the bid for the 902 MW Vista Alegre solar power plant project Atlas Renewable Energy in Brazil and will supply 454 MW of ASTRO N modules.

ASTRO N series modules are the latest products as CHINT Astronergy focuses on the development trend of N-type TOPCo cell technology. Since its release in April 2022, the product has left footprints around the world. The Vista Alegre solar project is located in the state of Minas Geras in southeastern Brazil, which has the most cities in Brazil and has high energy consumption.

Brazil has an average annual sunshine duration of more than 3,000 hours, and 80% of its territory is located in the tropics. Hot climates are highly compatible with ASTRO N series solar modules.

ASTRO N series modules are based on N-type TOPCon cell technology, which combines several technologies such as N-type large silicon wafers, highly reliable packaging, super-non-destructive laser cutting, multi-rail and half-cell design and optimized. frames and double-layer transparent glass with a module efficiency of up to 22%.

In addition to higher efficiency and power, ASTRO N series modules also have a lower temperature coefficient than other modules. This means that for every increase in temperature compared to traditional PERC modules, ASTRO N’s power loss is reduced by 0.06%, improving power output at high temperatures.

The Vista Alegre project is the tenth major power plant project where CHINT Astronergy has collaborated with Atlas.

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