GameChange Solar secures the 272 MW project with WHC energy services



GameChange Solar (GCS) says it’s shipping its Genius Tracker app Arava Power Company and Paz Oil’s Sunray, a 272 MW DC project located on an 1,800-acre site in Uvalde County, Texas.

Once completed, GCS’s Genius Tracker, combined with more than 500,000 545W bifacial panels, will power ERCOT’s South Zone and power approximately 47,000 homes in the greater San Antonio area with carbon-free electricity.

WHC Energy Servicesan energy construction company, manages the design, procurement and construction of the solar power plant.

“We’re on a mission to strengthen our planet and modernize infrastructure with our Genius Tracker,” says Max Johnson, GCS’s Director of Business Development. “GCS is a respected leader in the energy transition and committed to bringing reliable power to demanding areas like San Antonio.”

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