New global solar capacity additions to reach 191 GW in 2022, says IRENA



According to the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), global renewable energy capacity grew by 295 GW last year, bringing the world’s cumulative installed capacity to 3,372 GW.

The organization says that 191 GW of solar energy was installed last year. It notes that growth remains largely concentrated in a few countries and regions such as Asia, the United States and Europe. Asia accounted for 60% of the new capacities, where 1.63 TW of renewable energy has now been installed.

China’s share of the world’s new renewable energy capacity in 2022 was almost half, 141 GW. According to IRENA, a total of 57.3 GW was added in 2022 in North America and 29.1 GW in Europe. Africa continued its steady growth at 2.7 GW, slightly above the previous year’s figures.

“This continued record growth demonstrates the sustainability of renewable energy in the midst of the current energy crisis,” said IRENA Director General Francesco La Camera.

IRENA says hydropower’s share of installed renewable energy capacity remains the largest, at 1,255 GW. But only 21 GW were added last year. Solar energy is catching up and last year exceeded the terawatt milestone of installed capacity.

IRENA has listed the 10 largest global solar markets by cumulative installed capacity:

  1. China – 392 GW
  2. United States – 111 GW
  3. Japan – 78.8 GW
  4. Germany – 66.5 GW
  5. India – 62.8 GW
  6. Australia – 26.7 GW
  7. Italy – 25 GW
  8. Brazil – 24 GW
  9. Netherlands – 22.5 GW
  10. South Korea – 20.9 GW

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