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The European Heat Pump Association has compiled an up-to-date overview of subsidies for residential heat pumps in the European Union, Great Britain, Norway and Switzerland.

The overview covers air and ground source heat pumps in residential buildings as well as hybrid and hot water heat pumps. EHPA collected data from Great Britain, Norway, Switzerland and some EU countries. It excluded Bulgaria, Estonia, Cyprus, Greece, Romania, Malta, Slovenia, Luxembourg and Latvia, which were left out because “they have small markets or their current programs have been suspended,” the organization said.

The following subsidies apply to detached houses, unless otherwise stated.

Austria offers a grant for air and geothermal heat pumps installed in new buildings up to 20% of their price. The maximum value of the grant is 7,500 euros ($8,075) if the heat pump’s global warming potential (GWP) is between 1,500 and 2,000. For retrofits, the grant covers 35% of the costs up to a maximum of 5,000 euros. The support is valid from 3 January 2023 to 31 December 2024.

In Belgium, grants are only available for retrofits, and values ​​vary widely in different regions of the country and heat pump technology. In Flanders, geothermal heat pumps receive a subsidy of 4,000–6,400 euros, while in Brussels, air source heat pumps are eligible for up to 4,750 euros.

Croatia distributes grants for retrofitting projects 1-2 times a year, a maximum of 4,250 euros and a maximum of 40% of the costs of hot water heat pumps and air and ground source heat pumps. The subsidy is higher in poorer areas, and the costs of installation and auxiliary components are eligible.

The Czech Republic relaunched its “New Green Savings” program from February 2023, with grants for retrofits up to €5,701.

of Denmark The incentive system is valid from 2020 to 2026 and offers grants for both new buildings and renovation projects. The subsidy for air source heat pumps is a maximum of 3,338 euros and for ground pumps 4,772.9 euros.

Finland offers both grants and tax deductions for heat pump technologies and installation types. The grant is a maximum of 4,000 euros, and 40–60 percent of the costs are also tax deductible.

In France, those who buy geothermal heat pumps for existing properties can receive up to 15,000 euros and for air source heat pumps a maximum of 9,000 euros. The system is valid in 2020-2024.

In Germanyair heat pumps intended for retrofitting are eligible for up to 15,000 euros and 18,000 euros until 2030.

In Hungaryheat pumps are covered by the general support system, which covers 50% or a maximum of 7,300 euros of the basic repair costs.

From 2021, Ireland has granted €3,500 for air-to-air heat pumps for all types of houses and €4,500 for air-to-water and geothermal heat pumps for apartments. The subsidy for both solutions in all other house types is 6,500 euros.

Italy it has three tax benefit programs for renovation projects that cover 50-110% of heat pump costs.

Lithuania grants grants of up to €14,500 for heat pumps for both new and renovation projects.

The Netherlands offers grants for retrofits, up to 3,750 euros for air source heat pumps, 5,100 euros for geothermal heat pumps and 3,000 euros for hybrid heat pumps. In 2023, subsidies have been extended beyond 70 kW heating efficiency systems to a maximum of 400 kW.

Norway grants grants only for geothermal heat pumps, a maximum of 1,000 euros for both new buildings and renovation projects.

Poland, which tops the list of heat pumps sold the most in Europe in 2022, offers four different incentive programs for heat pumps. The “My electricity” program offers grants of up to 1,060 euros for air heat and hot water heat pumps combined with a solar energy system and storage.

In PortugalThe system, which has been in effect since 2022, reimburses up to 85% of heat pump installations and renovation costs in new buildings, up to a maximum of 2,500 euros without VAT.

Slovakia offers a grant of up to 3,400 euros for heat pumps installed in new buildings and up to 11,400 euros for renovation projects.

of Spain The incentive programs include grants for buildings that are connected to district heating exclusively with the energy center’s heat pumps. The support is €2,070/kW and a maximum of 70% of the new construction investments of non-profit energy communities.

Swedish offers a 30% tax refund on the labor costs of retrofits, up to €5,000 per year.

Five Swiss municipalities have different incentive systems, from support up to 22,320 euros for replacing an electric heater with a geothermal heat pump in the renovation project in Vaud, up to 3,043 euros for an air source heat pump for a new detached house in Geneva.

The United Kingdom offers grants of £5,000 (€5,804) for air source heat pumps and £6,000 for ground source heat pumps for both new builds and retrofits.

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