Bolivar Energy Authority, Silicon Ranch, TVA Debut Bolivar Solar Farm



Silicon Ranch Corp., an independent electricity producer and community-based renewable energy company, Bolivar Energy Authority (BEA) and Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) have opened the 3.25 MW AC Bolivar Solar Farm in Hardeman County, Tenn.

The solar power plant produces enough solar energy to power more than 500 homes and helps keep prices low for BEA’s more than 11,000 customers.

In 2020, TVA began offering local electric utilities (LPCs) the flexibility to cover a portion of their electricity needs with generation sources through its generation flexibility program. As one of the first LPCs to contract with TVA under these new terms, BEA chose Silicon Ranch to partner on the solar project to help keep prices as low as possible.

“As the public utility in Tennessee’s fifth largest county, BEA is very pleased to provide our community with an affordable and reliable energy solution from trusted local partners,” said Tony Kirk, BEA President and CEO. “TVA is enabling us and LPCs across the Valley to do just that with its Generation Resilience Program, offering our community the opportunity to partner with trusted renewable energy producers like Silicon Ranch to source local energy solutions.”

Silicon Ranch financed the construction on behalf of BEA and TVA and will own, operate and maintain the solar farm throughout its life cycle. The company follows this approach to every project it develops.

Bolivar Solar Farm received support from the USDA’s Rural Energy for America program, which provides guaranteed loan financing and grant financing to support agricultural producers and rural small businesses with renewable energy systems and energy efficiency improvements.

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