India to deploy 2.5 GW of large-scale, unsubsidized solar capacity by 2022



India installed 7.7 GW of cumulative outdoor solar capacity by 31 December 2022, following a record 2.5 GW annual addition.

India added 2.5 GW of open access solar capacity in 2022, up 92% from the 1.3 GW installed in 2021. This is a new year-long installation record according to Mercom India. latest report.

The country achieved 7.7 GW of cumulative open access solar capacity as of 31 December 2022. Karnataka remained the top state, accounting for nearly 36% of the cumulative open access solar capacity. It was followed by Maharashtra with more than 12% of the total installations in the country.

“The number of installations hit an all-time high in 2022 as several organizations and developers rushed to complete projects ahead of Basic Customs Duty (BCD) and List of Approved Models and Manufacturers (ALMM),” said Mercom India. “The implementation of projects delayed during the COVID-19 pandemic also added to the total.”

Karnataka added open solar capacity in 2022, followed by Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu. The top five states accounted for 77 percent of all installations for the year.

The increase in the fourth quarter was 293 MW, which is almost 10% less than a year earlier. Karnataka’s share of all capacity increases in October-December was more than 32%. The country’s fourth quarter project pipeline was 6.6 GW.

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