Hounen is building a 1 GW solar module factory in the United States



Chinese module maker Huon Solar announced plans to build a panel manufacturing facility in Orangeburg, South Carolina. The factory produces modules for the US market.

The South Carolina governor’s office has confirmed House’s plans. According to the company, the building has 1 GW of solar module production lines.

“Our new solar panel production facility will enable the production of monocrystalline silicon PV panels for the US market.” said Houne CEO Jufang Ly. “We are grateful for the help and support of the South Carolina team and look forward to more business opportunities in the state.”

According to Hounen Solar, the new factory will enable the creation of 200 new jobs. It is the third Chinese manufacturer to announce a new solar panel plant in the US since the implementation of the US Inflationary Reduction Act (IRA).

Earlier this week, Longi Solar and US solar project developer Invenergy jointly agreed to build a 5 GW solar panel factory in Pataskala, Ohio through the newly formed Illuminate USA. According to a press release from Illuminate USA, the plan will cost $220 million. Invenergy said it invested $600 million in the facility.

In January, Chinese panel manufacturer JA Solar announced plans to build a 2 GW solar panel factory in the US state of Arizona. The solar cell and module maker said in a statement that it has already leased land for a manufacturing facility at an unspecified location in Phoenix, Arizona. The plant is expected to start commercial operations in the fourth quarter of this year, it said, adding that it will lead to the creation of 600 new jobs.

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