About 800 Sungrow batteries suffer from downtime in Germany



After 800 of Sungrow’s batteries suffered an outage, the Chinese manufacturer notified its local German partners of a solution to the problem. However, it is unclear how quickly damaged battery management systems can be replaced.

At the beginning of March 2023, about 800 storage systems sold in Germany by the Chinese manufacturer Sungrow became difficult as a result of an automatic software update.

A spokesperson for the company said pv magazine that the number of devices in question is accurate. The company said it regrets that it is currently not possible for “a few customers” to store solar energy generated by their solar power systems. The company did not disclose how many storage systems it sold in the German market.

The manufacturer added that there is a solution to the problem of the batteries and specified that installers can contact the after-sales service, which will handle the request as a matter of priority, the spokesman continued without giving more details.

Meanwhile, several owners of affected solar systems have reported pv magazine outages. For this reason, the battery management system unit must be replaced if the storage devices fail.

Sungrow is currently unable to estimate how long it will take to deliver replacement equipment. Letters sent to installers state “probably in the next few weeks”. So far, it has also not been decided who will be responsible for the installation costs of the new device.

PV system owners get in touch pv magazine hoping for a quick solution. Sungrow recommends that customers notify their installer when they notice a battery storage failure.

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