A light-guiding film that improves the heterojunction performance of solar panels



The Finnish technology company Intelligent Control Systems has designed a light-guiding film that is claimed to reduce energy losses in the peripheral area of ​​heterolithium solar cells. It claims the film can increase the power conversion efficiency of a heterojunction module by up to 0.75%.

Titled Sun Energy Optics (SEO)according to the manufacturer, the patented membrane is able to reduce losses in the edge heterojunction region of solar cells. “By attaching the SEO film to the inside of the front glass of the HJT module, light is directed from the less efficient edges to the more efficient areas of the cells,” the company said in a statement.

The new product is not on sale yet. “We have just entered the pilot production phase with our latest generation of SEO films,” says the company’s CEO, Keimo Kalliosaari. pv magazine.

The Fraunhofer institute for Sun Energy Systems (Fraunhofer ISE) tested the film on several panels based on two different SEO configurations and M6 half-cut HJT solar cells with 1.7 mm cells and 2 mm band gaps. “The solar cells of the experiment were used ready-made without further modifications or sorting,” the company elaborated.

According to Intelligent Control Systems, the test showed that the power conversion efficiency of the modules with the two different SEO architectures increased by 0.66% and 0.75%, which it says corresponds to 3.3 % and 3.8 % increase in power output.

“The results show that the application / SEO movie Thu a 120 or 144cell module, with 2 e.g cell gaps and a white backing plate, can offer an efficiency intensify / 2.6 % relative improvement, or two power classes,” the manufacturer stated.Like an improvement on transparent bifacial modules or option Thu the watertight solution at the moment shall apply author some module manufacturers, the efficiency profits butter exceed 3.5%.”

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