Zendure introduces batteries for balcony solar modules for residential use



Zendure’s SolarFlow batteries have a capacity of 960 Wh and can be stacked up to 3,849 Wh. The US manufacturer wants to start selling plug and play systems in April.

The US company Zendure has announced new residential batteries for use with balcony solar panels. The storage system supplier said the SolarFlow plug-and-play battery storage systems are compatible with all balcony solar modules with microinverters up to 800 W. The capacity is 960 Wh, but up to four batteries can be installed. stacked in series, which means that the total power can be increased up to 3,840 Wh.

The company said it wants to offer storage systems as a complete package, with solar modules and microinverters, in addition to the possibility to retrofit existing plug-in solar devices. The batteries are based on lithium iron phosphate technology and can be connected to existing devices with an MC4 connector.

By storing excess solar energy from a solar balcony system, consumers can save up to 32 percent of their annual energy costs through intelligent battery management, the manufacturer said. According to the data, the scalability of the system makes it ideal for households with a nightly power consumption of 2-4 kWh.

The systems have metal outer surfaces and are waterproof according to IP65. According to Zendure, they can also be placed on a balcony, terrace or garden. Operators can also control their solar power systems with the app and check battery charge levels.

Zendure will initially sell SolarFlow batteries through its website, followed by sales on Amazon.

“Deliveries of the first battery storage systems will begin a few weeks after the start of pre-sales,” a Zendure spokesperson said. pv magazine.

Zendure says it wants to start selling the new products in April.

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