Belinus presents solar panels with an efficiency of 20.1%



Belgium’s Belinus says its new solar modules have a nominal power of 420 W and a power conversion efficiency of 20.1%. According to it, there are also plans to build a 500 MW solar panel factory in an unspecified location in Belgium.

“We manufacture this series in low-carbon footprint factories with lower material consumption, where the metal connection strip has been eliminated, the encapsulant and cell are thinner, the silicon content has been reduced by 40% and the lead content of the module by more than 60%. %”, said the company spokesperson pv magazine.

The nominal power of Nova modules is 420 W and the power conversion efficiency is 20.1%. The breakdown voltage is 34.5 V and the short-circuit current is 12.2 A.

The dimensions of the new product are 1,812 mm x 1,096 mm x 30 mm and the weight is 20.8 kg. It has operating temperature -40 C to 85 C and IP 68 enclosure. The maximum voltage of the system is 1500 V. The company offers a 35-year power guarantee for 86% of the original output.

The Belgian solar module supplier has also announced plans to build a 500 MW solar module factory at an unspecified location in Belgium.

“We are already in active negotiations with local government authorities to start production by the end of the first quarter of 2024,” the company said in a statement, adding that it also plans to build a second module factory in Georgia. “Total capacity will exceed 5 GW by the end of 2025.”

Belinus has factories in China and Vietnam with a combined annual production capacity of 2.2 GW. However, it has not yet provided information on the exact location of the facilities in Asia.

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