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Against the backdrop of Covid-19 lockdowns, geopolitical energy concerns, the cost of living crisis and congested cities, some people are looking for alternative lifestyles, while others are just looking for a cozy escape that won’t have a Sasquatch-sized carbon footprint. Enter Stella the Stargazer, a solar-powered resort that makes living off the grid a luxury.

The continued decline in the cost of solar and battery energy storage systems means that living off the grid is much easier and more luxurious than previously thought. Take Stella the Stargazer for example. The modern (and mobile) ‘tiny home’ has all the hallmarks of a finished Aussie shed, with some key differences – including a 3kW solar battery system and a retractable bed that extends outside the structure so you can sleep underneath it. the stars.

Designed by Ample and funded by Visit Victoria, Stella the Stargazer is a limited edition holiday property, a pop-up holiday home of sorts that moves every eight weeks. Stella first settled in the rolling hills and vineyards of Maffra, Victoria, Australia.

Built using salvaged lumber and steel from an authentic blue farmhouse. A night under the stars with all the comforts of electricity costs around AUD 330 ($220) on weekdays and AUD 390 on weekends.

Perfect for couples, the property comes with everything you need for a cozy holiday, but none of the extra extras that might otherwise disturb the peace of going online in beautiful countryside. Stella comes with a fridge, wood stove, stove, shower and flush toilet thanks to a fresh rainwater tank and waste water system.

The more the merrier

Stella the Stargazer is not a solar powered off-grid resort, it is not unique in any way. Sydneysiders may remember Lilypad Palm Beach, a floating solar-powered villa that allows lucky guests to enjoy the luxury of an island holiday without the worries of sustainability.

Lilypad Palm Beach Photo: Lilypad Palm Beach

Gawthorne’s Hut is another luxury solar holiday property on a working farm 10 minutes from central Mudgee, New South Wales. The property even won the “Best Unique Stay Australia” award in 2021 from Airbnb.

Black Lab Solar installed this system in the slanted galvanized shell of Gawthorne’s Hut.
Photo: Cameron Anderson Architects

On the Eyre Peninsula in South Australia, the ecological accommodation company EyreWay has built two solar-powered luxury houses connected to the grid.

Maldhi Photo: EyreWay / Screenshot

Going off the grid suggested it was roughed up, but with solar and battery energy storage, going online seems a lot easier for those of us who like luxury in our lives.

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