Parks Associates: Only 17 percent of households are familiar with solar energy



Parks AssociatesAccording to the latest report, consumers are concerned about high energy prices, but still have little knowledge about solar energy.

More than 60% of US Internet households report their electricity costs are too high, but only 17% are familiar with solar energy, according to the “Solar and Storage: Opportunities in the Smart Home” report.

“Consumers are concerned about energy costs and are also interested in solutions that make them independent of their local supplier, so market conditions could lead to a strong increase in solar adoption if consumers become more familiar with these solutions,” says Chris White, research. Director of Parks Associates.

U.S. households are still little familiar with solar and other home energy management solutions, but adoption has slowly increased in recent years. Research by Parks Associates shows that 7 percent of US Internet households have solar panels.

Climate awareness, energy uncertainty, financial incentives and technological innovation have contributed to the growth of the solar panel industry. Recent surges in popularity in the electric vehicle industry and the proliferation of connected devices are increasing awareness of solar and storage solutions.

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