GoodWe releases 375W BIPV panels with 17.4% efficiency



GoodWe will initially sell its new 375W Building Integrated PV (BIPV) modules in Europe and Australia. Their dimensions are 2,319 mm × 777 mm × 4 mm and weight 11 kg.

“This product is developed and manufactured in-house,” said a spokesperson for the Chinese inverter manufacturer pv magazine. “We added BIPV products to our product catalog to make us a more comprehensive one-stop solutions provider.”

The power of the Galaxy panel series is 375 W and the power conversion efficiency is 17.4%. The breakdown voltage is between 30.53 V and the short-circuit current is 12.90 A. The dimensions of the panels are 2,319 mm × 777 mm × 4 mm, weigh 11 kg and their temperature coefficient is -0.35% per degree Celsius.

The temperature of the operating environment varies according to the manufacturer between -40 C and 85 C and the maximum system voltage is 1500 V. The panel has 1.6 mm ultra-thin glass.

“This glass not only improves the product’s ability to resist heavy hail or strong winds, but also brings durability and safety to buildings with all-weather protection,” GoodWe said in a statement.

GoodWe offers a 12-year product warranty and a 30-year power warranty. It says the panels will be able to operate at 82 percent of their initial performance after 25 years and 80 percent after 30 years.

“We are currently looking to sell it in the European and Australian markets,” the spokesperson said.

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