Built Robotics launches a fully autonomous solar piling robot



Built robot, the developer of construction autonomy solutions has released a new fully autonomous RPD 35 solar piling system that can build utility-scale solar foundations up to five times faster than the market standard.

RPD 35 combines measurement, pile distribution, piling and inspection. Built’s construction AI software works in conjunction with a custom pile cartridge system and advanced sensors (such as RTK GPS), allowing a two-man crew to install up to 300 piles per day.

“Solar piling is hard, repetitive work that lends itself well to automation,” says Noah Ready-Campbell, founder and CEO of Built Robotics. “Our piling robots significantly improve the efficiency of workers on construction sites, which is critical in the chronically tight construction labor market. And just as important, they keep people out of harm’s way and reduce noise exposure, strain, the risk of collisions and crushing.

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