Ocean Sun and Inseanergy Settle Floating Solar Patent Dispute



Floating solar specialists Ocean Sun and Inseanergy have been involved in a patent dispute over Ocean Sun’s floating solar structure since August 2022. The companies have now announced a settlement that will have a “positive outcome” for both parties.

In August 2022, Ocean Sun began legal proceedings in Norway against Inseanergy, claiming that its floating solar solution infringed its patent rights. Inseanergy denied the infringement claim and countersued to invalidate Ocean Sun’s patent. Furthermore, Inseanergy filed an objection with the European Patent Office regarding the validity of Ocean Sun’s European patent.

The trial was scheduled to be heard at the Oslo District Court on the 13th-16th. March. According to Ocean Sun’s statement, “the parties have now reached an amicable settlement, after which the parties have entered into a commercial license agreement with the terms.”

The agreement reportedly concerns the disputed patent as well as other related patents and patent applications. According to Ocean Sun, the agreement covers all jurisdictions where the patents are valid or for which an application has been filed.

“Inseanergy therefore recognizes Ocean Sun’s patent rights, while the agreement guarantees full freedom of operation to Inseanergy,” the statement said.

Inseanergy also announced that it had agreed to withdraw an objection to the European Patent Office as part of the deal.

“Ocean Sun and Inseanergy are pleased to resolve this matter with a positive outcome for both parties and look forward to continuing their efforts to advance floating solar power,” the companies said.

Ocean Sun’s technology has been used in various floating solar projects, including Albania’s largest floating solar power plant, recently upgraded from 500 kW to 2 MW.

Inseanergy’s portfolio includes two hydroponic projects with a combined capacity of 450 kW, which have implemented the SUB Solar system.

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