New propane heat pump for premises, for water heating



The Italian company Rhoss has developed a cascaded air heat pump that uses propane (R290) as a refrigerant. It can produce 47.4 kW to 190.5 kW of heat and hot domestic water up to a temperature of 75 C.

The heating power of the Poker290 heat pump is 47.4 kW and the cooling power is 44.8 kW. Up to four modules with heating and cooling outputs of up to 190.5 kW and 178.3 kW can be combined in the cascade system. The smallest unit measures 1,224 mm x 2,260 mm x 1,320 mm and weighs 670 kg, while the largest unit measures 4,926 mm x 2,260 mm x 1,320 mm and weighs 2,680 kg.

The new device has a coefficient of performance (COP) of 3.2. The temperature of the air source can vary between -20 and 40 C. The heat pump can allegedly produce hot water up to 65 C when the outside air is -12 C. Its seasonal coefficient of performance (SCOP) for heating water to 35 C varies between 3.81 and 4.19, while SCOP in 55 C applications ranges from 3.20 to 3.57.

It uses propane (R290) as a refrigerant, which has a global warming potential (GWP) of 3. Rhoss said in a statement that its new product means “it is now possible to offer fluorine-free refrigerant units for new installations as well as building renovations by integrating or completely renewing the existing heating system, including gas boilers. “

The Poker290 uses a twin scroll compressor that operates at 76 dB(A), which is equivalent to living room music.

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