IbVogt deploys Nextracker NX Horizon-XTR for 150 MW project



Solar developer IbVogt has chosen NX Horizon-XTR technology Nexttracker Its 150 MW Garnacha solar power plant in Spain.

“Due to our project’s local zero-rating requirements, we needed a solar tracking solution that would have minimal environmental impact and enable us to secure local permits,” says Patrick Zenker, IbVogt’s International Director of Procurement. “The 10 gigawatt record, NX Horizon-XTR gave us peace of mind and low risk.”

NX Horizon-XTR enables the adaptation of rows of solar panels to uneven terrain according to the natural curvature of the earth. Its terrain tracking capabilities allow developers to work on challenging sites that would otherwise be impossible. It also cuts costs by limiting grading work and related delays, simplifying the permitting process and reducing the need for soil maintenance, says Nextracker.

Solar projects using NX Horizon-XTR have a lighter impact on the environment by leaving more soil untouched, which benefits the local ecology and reduces the risk of soil erosion, the company adds. The projects also require less steel for the expanded pilings, which reduces the project’s overall carbon footprint.

The Garnacha project expands Nextracker’s multi-gigawatt portfolio in Europe. With offices in Seville and Madrid, the company has dedicated employees working with clients across the continent, with the expertise to support the lifecycle of each project.

The project is based on a 12-year power purchase agreement with Google, and its production is expected to start in October.

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