Emerson Ovation to support Lodestone Energy solar power plants



Solar energy company Lodestone energy has chosen Emerson to provide advanced automation solutions for New Zealand’s first large-scale solar project: a pair of 23 MW installations in Kaitaia and Edgecumbe.

Emerson’s automation architecture combines control software and technologies with business intelligence solutions to create an integrated, scalable control solution that maximizes power and profitability while promoting network stability.

“Emerson’s expertise in power generation and sustainability automation software will help us build a world-class facility faster, while seamlessly integrating with the national grid to promote successful and efficient operations throughout the facility’s lifecycle,” says Peter Apperley. Director of Engineering, Lodestone Energy.

Lodestone leverages Emerson’s Ovation distributed control system and the new OCR3000 controller to provide control that minimizes the impact of variability and intermittency in solar power generation. The same technologies also make it easier for operators to react quickly to network frequency events. Ovation’s enterprise data solutions provide secure monitoring of PV operations from the control room or mobile devices, measuring, monitoring and reporting key performance indicators to increase visibility into plant operations.

Lodestone’s solar project requires multiple interfaces to third-party systems, including inverters, high-voltage substations, weather stations, workplace security systems, and grid authority remote terminal units. Ovation serves as a process organization tool to connect these devices and provides quick and intuitive visibility to users.

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