Indonesian energy company PLN is looking for capital partners for large solar and wind projects



Indonesian state-owned energy company PLN is seeking expressions of interest for several land-mounted floating solar projects and wind farms. The application includes an invitation to establish solar module factories in Indonesia in accordance with domestic content requirements.

The company said it would retain a majority stake in each of the tendered projects and that the factories would be located on the islands of Java and Bali, as well as in the semi-autonomous province of Aceh in the northwestern part of the island of Sumatra.

“Furthermore, in line with the Ministry of Industry’s guidelines to support the development of the national solar industry, PLN IP would also support the invitation of Tier 1 solar manufacturers who intend to set up factories in Indonesia to participate in the meetings. local content requirements,” PNL IP said in the tender document.

Interested investors and manufacturers have until March 16 to submit their proposals.

In January, PT PLN Nusantara Power, another unit of PT PLN, launched a tender pre-selection process to commission a 100 MW floating solar power plant. In 2020, PLN offered two floating solar projects with a capacity of 60 MW and 90 MW. The final prices were $0.0374/kWh and $0.0368/kWh.

Indonesia started supporting large-scale solar electricity with a law passed in April 2017. IAccording to the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), its cumulative installed PV capacity is still negligible at around 211 MW by the end of 2021.

The Indonesian government wants the country to deploy 6.5 GW of solar power by 2025 and 45 GW by 2050.

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