Can you walk on roof solar panels?



Can You Walk on Roof Solar Panels?

As solar panel technology quickly develops and becomes more accessible, many people are asking themselves the same question – can you walk on roof solar panels? The answer is a definitive yes, roofing contractors can and do, however, homeowners themselves should never try to walk on their own solar roofs. For roofing contractors going up to work on other people’s roofs, safety and risk management is of the utmost importance.

Reasons Homeowners Should Never Walk on Their Solar Roofs

When it comes to solar roofs, whether they are photovoltaics, hot water systems or the Tesla Solar Roof, the main, and biggest, reason why homeowners should never try to walk on solar roofs is safety. Solar panels can, especially when wet and slippier, be harder to grip, and can cause footfalls that are more likely to damage the solar panel (and/or roof) when compared with other, more conventional roofing systems. Accidents also often happen, and an injury can range from minor bruises or cuts, to a broken bone. Because of this, homeowners should never attempt to walk on a roof solar panel, and leave the job up to the professionals.

Other than the safety aspect, inadvertently walking on residential solar panels can also cause a lot of problems to the physical condition of the roof itself. Additional weight to a roofing system adds stress that might, if not managed correctly, increase the risk of roof collapse, especially in older buildings. With solar panels, roofs need to be built to account for the extra weight and there is always the potential for damage as a result of improper sizing or installation when compared to regular roofs without any solar panels.

How Roofing Contractors Safely and Effectively Walk on Solar Roofs

With the proper safety harnesses and tools, roofing contractors can carefully walk across roofs with solar panels without risking major damage. Roofing professionals have the in-depth knowledge required to recognize the potential risks posed by rooftop solar and take the necessary precautions to avoid them.

Every successful walk requires an understanding of the additional weight applied to the rooftop, and technicians use the right tools necessary to properly carry out the repair and/or maintenance while being mindful of the limited surface space and any potential slopes.

Benefits of Walking on Roof Solar Panels for Roofing Contractors

When walking on roof solar panels, roofing contractors are able to access and inspect the entire roof system. They can check for loose or missing shingles, evidence of animals and water damage, check the underside of the decking, and carry out any repairs with enhanced accuracy.

In some installations, the solar panels are arranged atop the entire roof, allowing roofing contractors to take ownership of the entire roof system, rather than just either the solar panel section or the roofing section.

Potential Damage from Improper Walking on Roof Solar Panels

If the homeowner or roofing contractor fails to follow the necessary guidelines and procedure, there is potential for significant damage. The solar panel might end up broken, or there is a chance that the roof itself could be damaged or degrading underneath the panels, both of which could lead to the risk of potential roof collapse.


In conclusion, roofing contractors can and do walk on Tesla Solar Roofs – with the appropriate safety harnesses and tools, they can safely and effectively carry out repairs and/or maintenance. Homeowners should never attempt to walk on roof solar panels and leave the job up to the professionals. If done improperly, there is a risk of significant damage that may cause unnecessary stress to the roof, which could result in a potential collapse.


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